The projects currently supported by the Redel Foundation lie at the heart of what we do. They are a testament to the work we carry out and drive our passion for helping people

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A better future for street children

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. With extreme poverty and high unemployment in the rural regions, along with an increasing number of natural disasters due to climate change, many families are migrating to the larger cities in the hope of creating a better future there.
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Employment for people with disability

People with physical or mental disabilities are not integrated well into Georgian society. They receive virtually no state support and occupational therapy services, such as sheltered workshops, are seldom provided. This project aims to support employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Tbilisi and the villages of Nasaguri and Tsinubani.
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Support for refugees on Lesbos

Geographically located at the edge of Europe and bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is receiving a larger share of asylum seekers and migrants. At the end of 2022, the UN refugee organisation registered 147,000 refugees and 22,000 asylum seekers. Making their way to Lesbos by land and sea, they have largely come from Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia.
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Emergency aid for displaced persons in the northwest region of the country

According to information from the United Nations, in June 2022 there were around 580,000 people fleeing conflict within Cameroon. The repression of the central government, coupled with the rebel attacks, has seen an increasing number of people flee to the more remote regions. The northern part of Anglophone Cameroon, the North West Region, has been particularly badly affected, with around 280,000 people internally displaced. The region is largely inaccessible due to the conflicts, infrastructure has been heavily neglected by the government and the people are reliant on food aid as a result.
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Emergency aid for victims of the violent conflicts

For years, conflict between government troops and rebel militia has destroyed the lives of the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Various militia groups have either been fighting each other or the Congolese army, often for access to valuable raw materials. As a result, this country has the largest number of internally displaced persons in Africa. According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, there are 5.9 million people on the run. The situation has become particularly bad in recent months with the number of refugees rising sharply; 600,000 in Goma alone.
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Training and vocational support for young people with disabilities

In Egypt, people with disabilities find themselves excluded from society and disadvantaged in a number of ways. Even more so when they come from poor families. Despite the introduction of a very progressive legislation to the benefit of those with disability, disabled people are still experiencing discrimination on a daily basis and are often excluded from education, training, work life and social activities.
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Combating domestic violence

The social and economic living conditions of the Palestinian population in the West Bank are shaped by decades of occupation, poverty, unemployment and deprivation. One consequence of this is the high prevalence of domestic violence. Women and mothers bear the brunt of everyday life. However, they often pass on their frustration and experience of violence resulting from overwork to their own children, who then become aggressive or react with school failure and behavioral problems. The situation has been made even worse in recent years by the corona pandemic.
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